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Origin Locations

Quality products, low in impurities, supporting prolific growth of the more fastidious human cell lines, are essential for users of sera.

Australia and New Zealand, being island countries with some of the world's strictest quarantine systems, have remained relatively disease free. In particular, both countries remain free of TSE/BSE (Mad Cow Disease) and Foot and Mouth Disease.

The outbreak of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy - BSE - in the United Kingdom in the mid 1980s and more recently reported cases in other parts of Europe, Japan and the United States of America, highlights the need for and benefits of using quality disease-free products sourced from countries such as Australia and New Zealand..

Both countries are efficient agricultural producers with small manufacturing bases and neither suffers from the industrial pollution and environmental contamination to the extent of most industrialised countries.

This has left the natural food supply less polluted.

Combining the above with efficient and natural farming methods, such as range feeding and open grazing, means Australian and New Zealand sourced Sera and other Animal By-products are of the highest quality in the world.

Moregate BioTech has cGMP manufacturing facilities located in Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland, Australia and in Hamilton, on the North Island of New Zealand.

For Enzyme & Protein extraction, possibilities exist for custom processing projects in Germany and Asia.


All products are shipped directly from the country of origin to the customer except for New Zealand origin product requiring further processing in Australia. This policy gives customers confidence in the origin of the material shipped. Decades of experience in shipping frozen goods by airfreight guarantees a successful delivery to customers worldwide.

Shipping & Logistics

Moregate Biotech ships product worldwide by airfreight or by sea freight, while maintaining and monitoring the cold chain.

All products are shipped directly from the country of origin. This policy gives the customers confidence in the origin of the material being shipped.