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Moregate BioTech

Moregate BioTech is one of the world's foremost producers of high quality Australian and New Zealand Animal Sera, Protein and Raw Material for enzyme extraction supplying leading international pharmaceutical groups and major research organisations.

Founded in 1975 by Chairman, Elizabeth Meixner, Moregate BioTech continues to be one of the few major Australian / New Zealand serum producers utilising state of the art facilities, designed specifically to meet cGMP standards and ISO9001 certification across its operations.

Moregate BioTech has won a reputation over many decades for its absolute commitment to product quality, reliability and customer service.

Our Core Values

Moregate BioTech holds as our core values that we provide the highest quality products with total traceability, sustainable and reliable supply and consistency of product and service.

To do this, Moregate BioTech obtains all its material from Australia and New Zealand only, two of the most disease free countries in the world.

Our suppliers are government supervised abattoirs meeting the most stringent EU and USDA regulatory standards of animal welfare and animal health. Each abattoir has dedicated aseptic bleeding rooms and trained staff which ensures consistent quality supply. These abattoirs are spread across both nations which maximises reliability of supply.

Our manufacturing facilities are state of the art, subject to regular government, ISO and customer audits.

Our quality management systems are ISO compliant and all staff are thoroughly trained to meet their job specifications.

Every batch of material that leaves our hands goes with our complete confidence and assurance of the very best procedures and processes that the industry can provide.